Rosemary Lavender Hand Soap and Lotion Set

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Curated with hard-working hands in mind, this set features Blue Hill-formulated rosemary lavender hand soap and hand lotion made with biodegradable ingredients, including New York State pumpkin seed oil. Comes in elegant amber glass dispensers with a black wire holding rack.

Sandy Maine began her upstate New York business 20 years ago in her farm house kitchen with a $15 investment. Today she runs a thriving micro-business carefully crafting the soulful products she believes in, to the tune of 4,000 pounds a week. Each SunFeather product is infused with sandy's desire to share nature's beauty, her reverence for medicinal and fragrant herbs, and the simple pleasures of handmade. Made from biodegradable ingredients, including pumpkin seed oil grown in New York state.

8 oz. Rosemary Lavender Hand Soap

8 oz. Rosemary Lavender Hand Lotion